Welcome to Royal Marine Speed Boats

Royal Marine Speed Boats service offer transfer service from Gateway of India, Mumbai to Mandwa Jetty on private speedboats throughout the day. If you need private speed boat to go to Mandwa or Alibaug, you can book any of our premium speedboats at best rates in just 15 to 20 minutes. Travelling by a speedboat will make your travel to Alibaug / Mandwa even more special and unique.

You can get a Speed Boat on rent in Mumbai for 2 hours / half a day or full day, our luxurious Speed Boat Packages given on hire / rent. Whether you want a one-way transfer to Mandwa / Alibaug or a return journey, we have a speedboat for you.

Rent Speed boat from Mumbai to Alibaug Private Speedboat to Alibaug offer the ultimate convenience, there's no need to wait for other guests or a scheduled time to depart. Taking as little as 20 minutes to make the journey Speedboat transfers to Alibaug are the fastest and offer the most flexible transfer options. The only schedule is YOUR schedule.Your luggage is loaded by us and ur journey from Mumbai to Alibaug can sail in style..!!!

Speedboat from Gateway to Alibaug are definitely a very cool and stylish way to travel, instead of just being shifted from one place to another. Charter a private speed boat could be like sailing privately with your luggage. The best part of hiring a private speed boat is you dont have to follow others schedule. Just Book your speed boat and leave at your convenience. But luxury comes with a price.